We believe that at Inchmarlo people live independently, in their own homes, longer than if they lived in most other places. Here, we offer a full Continuing Care Retirement Community comprising of over 180 homes, and Inchmarlo House, a stylish care home in a B-listed Georgian property with 52 bedrooms.
At Inchmarlo individuals can buy a home from the age of 55 upwards, where they can live completely independently. If and when the time comes, they can add on a range of care packages as required. If, in the future, a care home is the best option, Inchmarlo House is just metres away. We believe that this set up, which is relatively unique across the UK, supports people in their own homes for longer, thus putting off a move into a care home, and saving the expense that life in care home can incur.

1 Spotting a Change

We encourage people to move to Inchmarlo when they are in rude health, enjoying life and living it to the full. As people get older their health patterns change – this can be a slow change or a rapid onset. We employ three full time Liaison Officers who drop by our homeowners several times a year. If they spot a change we can react to it immediately – perhaps an unexpected element of forgetfulness, a notable weightloss, unusual fatigue etc. In the wider community this can be left unchecked for very long periods, and problems usually grow rather than simply disappear. Our rapid response ensures that you are back to full health, or you can receive the help you need, to stop a small problem becoming a crisis. It is often a moment of crisis that persuades many retirees to move into a care home.

2 Food

Most people cook healthy meals in their own home, as our homeowners do at Inchmarlo. When people begin to struggle with this, which happens in towns and cities across the UK, they often lose weight until a carer is put in place, who can visit and heat ready-meals for them. 
At Inchmarlo we don’t find that concept appetising in the slightest, and we aim far higher. Our Head Chef at Inchmarlo prepares a full menu of home cooked meals. Our homeowners can pop down to the Green Drawing Room or bar on a regular basis, or on a whim to treat themselves, knowing they are amongst friends. We can collect them for free, and transport them to and from their home to the restaurant. Alternatively we can deliver meals to your home, which are far more appetising than pulling back the cellophane on a ready meal. 
Good food maintains a good weight, and it avoids frailty, which can lead to falls, illness and impacts on thought processes. Eating well is key to life, whatever your age, and it’s often the key to living independently.

3 Stimulation, Mental Health & Loneliness

Inchmarlo offers a community. Some individuals keep themselves to themselves, as they would in any street in any town. But the option to join relevant groups organised on site, to make use of expeditions to nearby sights, to nip down to the Inchmarlo Bar (yes, we are fully licensed!) is all there. 
A lack of stimulation and increased loneliness is problematic as people get older. Not only is it unpleasant for the individual, but it can exacerbate certain conditions. Enjoying life and keeping the mind active can prolong independence.

4 Security

Our estate is patrolled day and night by security guards. On one hand this enables our homeowners to travel, living their best life, without anxiety about the safety of their home and belongings. But it also keeps homeowners who spend most of their time at home safe. It’s shameful to think that the elderly are targeted by burglars, but this can be the case. The mental impact of a break in, or the actual physical damage that can be inflicted, can be beyond words and the legacy can be long lasting or leave permanent change. Whilst not trying to scaremonger, our homeowners appreciate the added layer of security we offer them. Feeling safe in your own home is core to living independently.

5 Accidents

Our security team offer a second key role. If they notice anything unusual, such as a door ajar or a light on after midnight, they’ll check everything’s ok. In the past we’ve discovered homeowners shortly after experiencing a fall. If they’d lived in the wider community an attempt to seek help could turn a small injury into a far bigger problem. It may have taken hours or days for a person to be found. Such episodes can lead to a move into care. By getting people back on their feet as swiftly as possible our homeowners remain comfortable living their own homes.

6 The Property Market

Inchmarlo offers great opportunities for downsizing, but it doesn’t have to mean that. We have three or four bedroom houses available so you can live in the manner you’re accustomed to, should you wish. 
Our homeowners move to Inchmarlo when the time is right. If you wait till the last minute, and urgently need a form of supported accommodation, you may find that your old property won’t sell, or it isn’t worth what it once was. Consider all these factors when planning for your own future or a loved one’s future. People suffer and deteriorate, both physically and mentally, if they don’t get the support they need, when they need it. 

7 Investment

Our homeowners are natural investors. They buy their homes independently, and Inchmarlo House is paid for by individual guests. We attract the type of people who’ve invested in their life every step of the way, mortgages, careers, families, life and love. They continue to invest in the golden years. They move before they are forced to move, they act rather than react. 

8 Our Founder

Our founder is Charles Skene, he’s 84 years old, works full time and visits Inchmarlo 2-3 times a week. We practise what we preach.

9 You Would Say That …!

It’s natural for intelligent people to think that we encourage people to move to Inchmarlo sooner rather later from a business perspective. But ultimately we aim for a healthy, vibrant retirement community, and that’s only possible with happy homeowners living their lives independently in their own homes. This is our goal, and we genuinely believe that a full Continuing Care Retirement Community is the best way to achieve this. Why spend money on a care home, when you can spend it on life…

10 Discover More

To discover more about Inchmarlo, explore the property portfolio or to organise a tour please browse our website, inchmarlo-retirement.co.uk, or phone 01330 824981. Charlene Corleone-Ficarazzi is the ideal contact to discuss homes for sale – 01330 826242.
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