Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care in Aberdeen and Inchmarlo Retirement Village – Dementia support and care is a cornerstone of Inchmarlo House where we offer continuing care for our portfolio of homeowners and in our Grade 4 Care Home, situated in a Georgian country house. In this feature, we’ll let you know what we offer, and at the bottom of this article are handy resources for anyone dealing with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Inchmarlo House

Established in 1986, Inchmarlo Retirement Village was the first continuing care retirement village in Scotland. Our Specialist Care Categories include Alzheimer’s • Cancer Care • Colitis & Crohn’s Disease • Down Syndrome • Epilepsy • Hearing Impairment • Motor Neurone Disease • Multiple Sclerosis • Neuropathic • Orthopaedic • Parkinson’s Disease • Speech Impairment • Stroke • Visual Impairment. Frail elderly.

Practical Care


In terms of Alzheimer’s and dementia care we offer well-trained care staff and medical professionals, several specialising particularly in these areas. All care and nursing staff are trained in Dementia, offering Palliative Care.

We offer Day Care • Respite Care • Convalescent Care • Physiotherapy • Sheltered Housing • Rehabilitation and Long Term Permanent Care.

Liaison Officers

Our team of liaison officers get to know our homeowners and report any changes in them to the management. Our management team have a support plan in place for each individual, working with their relatives, and updating the plan quickly if required.

With Alzheimer’s and dementia, shifts in behaviour can happen quickly, even overnight. Individuals may start to lose weight, because they haven’t been eating properly, they may begin to dress slightly differently, or start getting lost when this didn’t happen before. Picking up these changes, interpreting them correctly, and reacting to them makes a huge difference to the person in question.

In the community these changes may go unnoticed, and then take a significant period for a care package to fall into place.

Security Team

Our security team gives our residents and homeowners peace of mind when it comes to patrolling the estate and prioritising everyone’s safety. But our team at Inchmarlo provides so much more.

If a homeowner has their lights on a 3am and this is unusual behaviour, our staff will knock on the door to check that everything’s ok. If this pattern repeats then it’ll be discreetly reported back to the Liaison Officers – confusing day and night is typical for many with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Equally, if our team find a retiree wandering, a little confused or lost, not only would they return them safely to their residence, but they’d notify the Inchmarlo care staff. This could be a one off episode, or it could be the start of something more significant.


Inchmarlo House does offer one floor that is secure, to protect those who habitually wander or stray, and pose a risk to themselves. Of course, they can leave to explore the grounds and feel the sun on their face, but with assistance from one of our care team.

Holistic Care

Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care in Aberdeen and Inchmarlo Retirement Village

Practical care is essential, but we offer much more than that. People with dementia or Alzheimer’s are often physically active and sociable. They need and desire outlets – places to go and people to see. Inchmarlo satisfies those requirements.


Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care in Aberdeen and Inchmarlo Retirement Village

Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care in Aberdeen and Inchmarlo Retirement Village

Inchmarlo Care Home is located within a 100-acre estate, rich in gardens, near Banchory in Royal Deeside. The estate offers many scenic walks and it’s home to red squirrels, deer and birdlife.

Explore the Walled Garden, ponds and winding paths at leisure, and click here to discover how we feel engaging with nature benefits our residents, whatever their age.


Inchmarlo is licensed. Every Friday the homeowners run a Village Pub: it’s a place to meet, chat and engage in an informal setting.

Fantastic Food

Many people with Alzheimer’s or dementia begin to forget how to cook, shop, and even forget to eat. Our restaurant dishes up everything from familiar family favourites to Michelin inspired menus. Freshly cooked meals can be enjoyed in the restaurant, or taken to people’s rooms or homes. ‘Care’ does not have to mean ready meals heated in a microwave, it can mean so much more.

Hair Salon

We have an onsite salon, capably manned by our hairdresser Donna, who is also happy to visit residents in their homes to keep them looking their best. A beautician is also available for beauty treatments and beauty maintenance.

Those with dementia and Alzheimer’s can find the thought of venturing into town for a hair-cut simply too overwhelming, appearances slip down the priority list and pride is lost. Our residents can book a haircut in familiar and understanding surroundings, our staff can bring residents to our salon, or relatives can book an appointment for mum or dad to keep them looking spruce. Discover more here.

Family Friendly

We work hard to make sure Inchmarlo is the kind of place families and friends want to visit. Grandchildren have somewhere to run around, residents can take their grown-up children out for a beer or a glass of wine, families can dine together, or simply visit residents’ homes or Inchmarlo House itself. And we’re always here to listen to the questions, concerns and discussions of your nearest and dearest.

With such a list of benefits, it’s perhaps no surprise that Inchmarlo was named one of the best places to live in retirement by The Sunday Times in 2018.

Make the Move

Care at Your Fingertips

We encourage retirees considering a move to Inchmarlo to do it sooner rather than later. Many of our homeowners are fit and active people, with busy schedules. But when things start to change, if dementia or Alzheimer’s symptoms start to show, then all the care you require is already at your fingertips in the village. It’s provided in friendly and familiar places, in locations you already know like the back of your hand.

Uprooting an individual, due to these illnesses, adds so many layers of complexity when short term memory isn’t functioning, and confusion, frustration or anxiety are becoming the norm.

Stay in Your Own Home for Longer

With such comprehensive care packages on the doorstep our homeowners can stay in their own homes for longer. This clearly saves money (visit here to discover more), and, more importantly, allows our residents to enjoy their independence for longer.

Stay with the Person you Love

We have also seen several couples, where one party requires the attention of a Care Home. Rather than being separated, we’ve experienced perhaps a wife in the home, and the husband on the estate – and he can walk down the road to visit her every single day.

At Inchmarlo, if you don’t need the additional care, then that’s simply wonderful. But, if you do, it’s there for you, where and when you need it.

Additional Resources in Aberdeen and Shire

-Alzheimer’s Scotland has a Dementia Resource Centre on King Street, Aberdeen ( This venue plays host to many events and activities, but check out the link below to see how they venture into the community. For example, near us in Aboyne, is the Happy Hikers Walking Group, offering socialising and gentle exercise. Held the first Thursday of every month, from 10:00 to 12:00, contact 01330 824486 to find out more.

-If you think you, or the person you care for, may need to move into a care home contact your Contact Local Social Work offices here.

-Visit Dementia Aberdeenshire here.

-Care homes must be registered with the Care Inspectorate – discover more here.

-AgeUK has pulled together a useful Guide to Housing.

Today Inchmarlo consists of over 190 houses and apartments and a 52 bed care home designated by the Care Inspectorate as Grade 4 for Care Home Service, Grade 5 for Nurse Agency and Grade 5 for Housing Support and Care at Home Service.

In the meantime, if you or your relatives have any questions about Inchmarlo please contact Dawn Ronaldson on 01330 824981. We’d happily give you a guided tour, send a brochure or answer any queries.

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